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Butterflies - 3 year old Group


  • Continuation of what we already have been practicing in the caterpillar room
  • Become your own problem solver: Start using your words expressing your feeling and listening to how others feel.
  • Challenge fine motor skills when lacing necklaces and bracelets with variety of different beads.
  • Combine your fine motor skills and hand eye coordination and start working with scissors.
  • Start spelling names using picture cards that teachers make with children using “writing without tears” curves and sticks.
  • Count everything we see around.
  • Make beautiful vivid art paintings experimenting with all the rainbow colors. Start making smiley faces in your drawings.
  • Explore the nature and sort out, group and organize natural materials in the nature center.

Lunch Time

Caterpillars and Butterflies eat morning snack inside Family style. Children help themselves to serve bagels, waffles, toast, and fresh fruit. They use ceramic cups and bowls and clean up after themselves by taking their cups to the tray once they are done.  Morning Snack is served at the picnic tables outside for the Dragonflies, they use paper cups.  (9:30a.m-10:00a.m)
The whole school eats afternoon snack at the picnic tables outside. Healthy snack options (whole grain crackers, cheese quesadilla, pasta etc.) along with fresh fruit are offered to children. Children drink water throughout the day. (3:30p.m)

Dragonflies – 4 year old group


  • Continuation of what we’ve been learning in Butterfly room
  • Become an explorer and ask as many questions as you can. Create your own theories looking for answers in many different books with teachers and friends. Never stop wondering Why and How.
  • Find your voice. Respect the speaker and wait for your turn to share your ideas.
  • Resect school rules and recognize the importance of small and large group work.
  • Use your fine motor skills to create elaborate bead and wire work. Use your critical thinking skills while doing weaving projects and sawing. Cut with scissors to make collages and felt board story telling pieces.
  • Learn how to write your name. Spell your first and last name. Continue on showing off your knowledge while spelling your mom’s, dad’s names; your siblings and pets names! Memorize your street address.
  • Start making representational drawings using many different art tools. Know your favorite at media and continue mastering it; whether it is pastels, molding textures, jewelry making
  • Be the problem solver; communicate with your friends and teachers.
  • Be independent: put your own shoes, jacket, and shirt. Use the bathroom independently and follow through with hand washing routines independently.
  • Get excited about kindergarten and the future learning experience. Be confident, caring and loving human being. Kindergarten awaits you!

Nap Time

All school comes together for lunch time outdoors (weather permitting). Teachers help children to open their lunch boxes and warm up food from home. Children share special notes from home they find in the lunch boxes, talk about their favorite foods and share events of the day. (12:00-12:30)

Each age group takes turns going outside in the morning. Weather permitting children participate in gross motor activities in our playground.  The outdoor art studio is always available and an invitation is set up on the art table.  The sand area is open for the children and provocations are set up based on current interests ranging from gross/fine motor to sensory activities .Depending on the time of the year children take care of garden, set up sensory play station, clean the playground and dry off morning dew of the playground structure and tables. Each age groups get an hour of outdoors play in the morning and spends most of the afternoons playing outdoors (8:30a.m-11:30a.m and 3:30p.m – 5:30p.m)

Outdoors exploration

Flow of the Day at BunnyBears

Each age group and their teacher have their morning meetings every day. The entire class meets for their morning meeting to reflect on morning dynamics, re-visit on going investigations and plan their day. Children take turns talking and listening to their peers. They share opportunities to discuss topics of interest and announce special family events. Songs, nursery rhymes and learning chants often come from Caterpillar and Butterfly rooms. (9:45-10:15)

Morning Meeting

Each family has their own morning routines and rituals. Through collaboration between parents and teachers, we have developed separation routines that work best for each child.  Some children come to school as early as 7a.m. They arrive in the Community Room. Our early mornings start with an intimate story reading with a teacher or gathering in the art studio. As more children arrive to school they choose their area of interest to explore and enjoy free play time.  This is also a time for families to communicate with teachers. (7a.m-9:15a.m)

Greeting time.

     At BunnyBears we value children's interactions and look for opportunities for younger and older children to play together. We do so by playing together in the early mornings and late afternoons. However, we separate into our age groups to do age appropriate activities, play and work.

     Our carefully selected, nature inspired, alternative play materials allow children and teachers to wonder together while nurturing children’s creativity and imagination.

     We learn trough play and daily explorations. Teachers and children are partners in discovery! Social interactions and learning is crucial in our home like, child centered environment.

     Children don’t have to be potty trained prior to enrollment. We work together with children and families helping our children to maser potty skills.

Caterpillars - 2 year old group


  • To make successful transition from home to school: learn to say a brave good bye and establish the rule that “mommy and daddy ALWAYS come back”; build trustful and loving relationships with teachers, start creating friendships. Fall in love with school and learning environment, look forward to coming to school again.
  • Learn how to hold painting brush and get messy at the art table!
  • Sing many songs and exercise hard working fingers while singing finger plays.
  • “Read” as many books as you want, join your teachers and friends for story time and small impromptu book reading circles throughout the day. Read inside, read outside, read when you wake up from nap time…
  • Participate in large group activities such as Morning Meeting and Story Time.
  • Indulge in as many sensory play materials as you can: homemade silly putty and play dough, molding moon sand, red pottery clay, molding clay and many more…
  • Begin working on fine motor skills: lace large wooden beads and stack toys.
  • Build on vocabulary while reading books with teachers and friends; practice speaking language at the felt board.
  • Practice manners at the snack table and while playing with friends.
  • Start recognizing first name letters and play alphabet games at the felt board.
  • Take care of our friends, offer them a hug, hold their hand or give them a soft back rub, when they are sad. Bring an ice pack or a tissue when the friend is sad; and sit down to read a book to comfort one.
  • Learn to share and take turns. Use simple words to ask for a turn.

Reflection Meeting and Story time

Small Group Work

Morning and Afternoon Snacks

After nap time the entire school plays together outside. An art activity is offered in the art studio. Invitations are created at the picnic tables for children to work in small groups: puzzles, small manipulatives, loose parts etc.  Children who stay all day are picked up anytime between 3 and 6pm.    Pick up usually occurs outside until sunset when we bring the children into the Caterpillar room for quiet activities. Half-day children are typically picked after lunch at 12:30

During this time invitations are created for children to explore a wide range of different materials that support early learning. Work in small groups is encouraged by teachers where meaningful conversations among teachers and children take place.  Teachers carefully observe children and offer resources to help children to deepen their knowledge and expand their work. Children have opportunity to come to the art studio and choose to work with rich materials to expand their line of work. Clay, wire, markers pencils are available to children. Overhead projector is also used in the art studio for light and shadow exploration. (10:00-11:30)

Children gather together to reflect on their day and revisit their work that took part on that day. They ask questions and comment on their group and individual work. Teacher listens and participates in the conversation, she makes notes on how she could help children to continue their investigations and what resources she will need to help children to deepen their knowledge.  Older children finish their reflection meeting by reading a story book. Caterpillar room mainly focuses on story reading and felt board story telling. On certain days a special parent reader in the classroom presents story time.  (11:30-12:00)

Children rest their bodies on cots during this time.  Children are welcome to bring sheets, blankets, and cuddle toys from home.  Soft music is played and the shades are lowered to encourage children to rest.  Teachers sit with children and pat their backs to help them fall asleep.  Children that don’t take naps stay in the Dragonfly room and quietly read books. As children wake up, they go to the Dragonfly room for quiet activities until it is time to get ready to go outside.

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